american flagGeorge Washington (1732-1799)

george washingtonGeorge Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, the son of a tobacco farmer of moderate means who died when George was 11. Moving to the Fredericksburg area, he lived for several years with his half-brother, Lawrence, whose farm (known as Mount Vernon) he inherited upon the latter’s early death. In the French and Indian War, he led a militia unit on a diplomatic mission and later took part in the ill-fated Monongahela expedition. In 1759 he married wealthy widow Martha Custis, and by the time of the Revolution had become a leading figure in Virginia, his military background making him a natural choice for command of the Continental Army. In war, he revealed a genius for Fabian tactics and ultimately won by not losing. Acclaimed as the father of his country, he served two terms as its first president before returning to private life.

George Washington