Month: September 2014

Paoli Massacre

September 21, 1777: In the wake of the American defeat at Brandywine Creek on September 11, George Washington withdrew to the northwest with the bulk of the Continental Army, leaving General Anthony Wayne and about 2,500 men at Paoli with orders to harass the enemy's...

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Battle of Antietam

September 12, 1862: On this day in a Union encampment outside Frederick, Maryland, Corporal Barton Mitchell made a happy discovery while crossing a stretch of meadow. There, wrapped in a piece of paper, were three cigars whose rightful owner was nowhere to be found....

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Battle of Borodino

September 5, 1812: On this day, after a summer spent pursuing two Russian armies across a vast region of grasslands, Napoleon's Grand Army arrived at a point some 72 miles west of Moscow, where a combined force of some 120,000 Russian troops awaited them behind a...

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